Octastream the Ultimate in Streaming


Octastream, the Ultimate and Easiest Smart Streaming Device

Your favorite media player/MVPD/IPTV

What is Octastream?

Octastream media player, the fastest and easiest android tv box, is leading the industry in cord-cutting technology. Octastream is a media player that turns any TV into a smart TV without any extra cost. If you’re looking for the fastest tv streaming box, Octastream is the box for you. Octastream is a cable box with no monthly fees!

Unlimited Streaming Experience

Are you looking for the best android streaming box? Octastream lets you surf your favorite websites, access YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu or a variety of other 3rd party apps directly on your television with this streaming device.


Unlimited Streaming Experience

Be one of the many people who are making the switch to Octastream. The highest standard in streaming media players.

On-demand Shows

Octastream lets you watch the latest tv shows with any supported App from the Google Play store.

·         How do I become a reseller for Octastream?

Interested in becoming a reseller for Octastream? We are always looking for Octastream resellers. Use the contact us form to inquire on how to become a reseller for Octastream.